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I'm not receiving email notifications when a form is submitted
I'm not receiving email notifications when a form is submitted

Let's explore some possible reasons you are not receiving email notification when a form is submitted

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The email notification feature is a powerful feature in Team Forms that allows you to automatically trigger emails any time a from is submitted. This guide will provide you with some troubleshooting steps to try if you are not receiving the email notifications.

1. Check email notifications are enabled

If you are not receiving email notifications the first thing to check is that you have enabled, this feature for your form template. When on the form builder screen navigate to the email tab and toggle the feature on.

2. Check your authentication

For the email notification feature to work you need to give Team Forms permission to send emails on your behalf. If you see an "Authorization Required" message appearing, please click the message and provide permissions in order for the email notification feature to work.

3. Check if you are using "Anyone with the link" share method

The email notification feature can automatically send a copy of the form response to the responder. However, if the form is accessed via the "Anyone with the link" share method, this access is considered anonymous in nature and so Team Forms cannot automatically determine who the responder is to email them a copy. If you are using this share method, consider adding a question within your form to ask the responder to manually enter their email, and add the response to the field into the recipient list as a dynamic field.

4. Check send as settings

The email notifications feature allows you to send email as a shared inbox (e.g. However, for this feature to work the user who authenticates the email notification feature must have send access on this mailbox/email address. If the user does not have permission to send on behalf of the chosen email then the email feature will fail.

5. Check Recipient list

Ensure that you have included all relevant email addresses in the recipient list using the "To:" setting.

6. Check you have received responses

If you are not receiving any email notifications for responses, it is possible that this is because your users have not submitted any responses to your form template. You check if you users have actually submitted any responses via the submissions screen.

7. Check your spam folder

In rare circumstance the email notifications may be located in your spam folder or blocked by or organizations IT department. Please check your spam folder or raise the issue with your internal IT support desk.

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