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Lets explore how you can email a form response

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By default, form responses are automatically uploaded to SharePoint, and you can access them on the submissions screen. For a more proactive approach, you may find it useful to receive an email copy of each submission as soon as it's submitted. Achieving this is simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the form builder screen for the desired form.

  2. Access the 'Email' tab.

  3. Toggle the switch to enable email notifications.

  4. Customize the email template, specify recipients, and activate options such as attaching a PDF copy of the submission.

Dynamic Email Template

You have the flexibility to incorporate dynamic content into your email template, such as responses to questions within your form. Achieving this is simple through the use of handlebars syntax. With this feature, you can seamlessly include any of the fields listed below in both your email subject and body.

Variable / Function


The email address of the responder

Full name of the responder


A url to the response opened in read-only mode


A url that allows you to access the response in edit mode. This feature is particularly useful when you need to share the response with another user, enabling them to fill out additional sections, such as in an approval workflow


The data object allows you to access the response to any question using the syntax data.fieldName


The output of the title template


Helper function for formatting dates e.g.

 {{ dateFormat "YYYY-MM" }}

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