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Dynamically setting email recipients
Dynamically setting email recipients

Lets explore how you can set the recipient list based based on the form response

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Team Forms offers the functionality to automatically send an email notifications when a user submits a form. The notification email can be configured to send to the responder as well as anyone on the recipient list, however it can often be useful to dynamically set the recipients based on a question in the form itself. This can be achieved using dynamic content as shown in the example below:

  1. Drag and drop an email component into your form. This component will be used by the responder to enter in text that will be a valid email address

  2. Open the email tab and enable email notifications

  3. In the recipient list field use handlebars syntax to dynamically specify the recipient list based on the value in the form response. This will take the format

    {{ data.fieldName }} where fieldName is replaced with the "Property Name" field in the "API" tab of the component. e.g.

    {{ }}

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