Multi-step Forms

Lets explore how multiple users can collaborate on a form response

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Team Forms supports forms where different users are responsible for completing different sections of the form using multi-step forms. Use this feature to create powerful approval workflows or to control who is allowed to fill out different sections of a form.

To build a multi-step form simply follow the steps below:

  1. build your form using our drag-and-drop interface and include all sections in the single form. It can be useful to use the layout component to visually create sections within your form for each step.

  2. Ensure the submission edit mode is set to enabled.

  3. Under setting for each component or section, disable or hide it by default then use the permissions tab to configure exceptions for who is allowed to see, or edit the different sections of the form.

  4. Enable email notifications containing the editUrl to a from

  5. Finally publish your form!

Now when a form is submitted, other users can access the response from the link in the email or via the submission screen and edit the submission.

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