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View submission Data

View filter and interrogate the form responses from the submission screen.

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Submission data is available in the submission screen or in the responses tab. This article will show you how use either to view the responses.

Submission Screen

The submissions screen allows users to access and review all responses, including those submitted by team members (for collaborative forms). The Responses are presented in a clear table format, with each question having its own column. Users can easily filter and sort the data to locate specific submissions. Additionally, the screen supports exporting data to Excel or PowerBi for reporting purposes. To access the submissions screen:

  1. Hover over the form you wish to view the responses for

  2. Click the “…” icon that appears then click “View Submissions” from the menu options

gif of opening the submission screen in Team Forms

Responses Tab

The responses tab can also be used to view all submitted responses. Simply click on the response you want to open to view the submitted form. By default this screen will show drafts and submissions by the logged in user, however using filter menu you can also show responses by your Team Members to collaborate on a submission.

  1. Navigate to the responses tab

  2. In the top right hand corner click the filter icon

  3. Within the filter menu change the default filter from “Me” to “All”

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