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What happens when a form is submitted
What happens when a form is submitted

I've built and submitted my form, now what?

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Upon submitting a form in Team Forms, a series of key actions are set in motion to efficiently handle your data and streamline your workflow. Here's a concise rundown of what happens:

1. Secure Data Storage and Version Control:

Your submission data is securely stored and version-controlled in SharePoint. This includes both a file format and entries in a SharePoint list for easy reporting.

2. Uneditable PDF Generation:

An uneditable PDF of your form is generated and stored in SharePoint, providing a snapshot of your submission. The PDF can be used for document control or to send to users as part of a workflow.

3. Power Automate Workflows:

Power Automate workflows you've set up will run. For example, automated emails or approvals can be triggered, including the PDF copy of the form.

4. Interactive Data Viewing:

The submission screen becomes your hub for viewing and interacting with the collected data, allowing for easy analysis and insights. Administrators can even re-open and edit existing submissions form this screen.

Submitting a form in Team Forms initiates a seamless process of data handling, PDF generation, workflow automation, and interactive data exploration โ€“ all designed to enhance efficiency and collaboration.

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