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Team Forms security explained
Team Forms security explained

Team Forms is for companies who are serious about there security and data. With Team Forms you own and control your data.

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Team Forms has been designed specifically for organizations with stringent security requirements, empowering them to maintain ownership and control over their invaluable data, rather than entrusting it to a third party. Unlike many other form solutions available in the market, Team Forms operates by establishing a direct connection between your client/browser and your team's SharePoint, without any data storage on our infrastructure. This ensures that your data always remains within your trusted 365 environment, guaranteeing your complete data ownership.

To achieve this, Team Forms leverages the Microsoft Graph to establish a direct link between the client/browser and your team's SharePoint site. Utilizing the Microsoft Graph aligns with Microsoft's recommended approach for interacting with services within Microsoft 365, a method employed by many of Microsoft's own applications. Your organization's IT department retains full control over the information accessible to applications through the Microsoft Graph, with Team Forms requesting only the minimum necessary permissions. Furthermore, Team Forms exclusively employs delegated permissions, ensuring that the application cannot access any data beyond what the user already has access to via the SharePoint interface.

This architectural approach offers numerous advantages, such as the ability to restrict a user's access to a specific form by simply revoking their access to the corresponding folder in SharePoint, or removing a user's access to all forms within a team by removing them from the team.

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