Power Automate Integration

Trigger workflows and automation when users submit responses!

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Team Forms' close integration with the Microsoft 365 suite, enables you can use Microsofts Power Automate and Logic Apps to streamline business processes such as form-based approvals, emails, and data entry into your existing systems. The connector provides a suite of triggers and actions which can be used to automate almost any process based on a form response. These actions are highlighted below.



Get Form

Get details for a specific form.

Get Forms

Get forms for a team.

Get Pdf

Get details on the generated pdf for a specific response.

Get Pdf Content

Get the generated pdf for a specific response.

Get Response

Get details for a specific response.

Get Response Attachments

Get the attachments uploaded for a specific response.

Get Teams

Get all teams.

Get Started with a Template

Team Forms provides prebuilt workflow templates for the majority of common use cases like sending emails, requesting approval and pushing data into third-party systems. You can explore our template and create automation in 1 click using the link below:


For those who want to build their own business-specific work flows, you can trigger Power Automate from a form response using the When a new form response is submitted trigger. Simply select the Team and Form to subscribe to the event. You can then access all the response fields and use them in the subsequent steps, for example, you can send an approval email containing a PDF copy of the response. This is illustrated in the image below:


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