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Where is Team Forms data stored
Where is Team Forms data stored

With team forms you own your data in you your own Microsoft 365 environment rather than entrusting a third party to secure that data.

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Unlike many other forms solutions on the market, Team Forms talks directly with your Teams SharePoint so that data captured by Forms remains in your ownership and never leaves your trusted Microsoft 365 environment. All forms, responses, attachments and generated PDFs are saved as files and version controlled in your team's SharePoint document library. You can use SharePoints' inbuilt document versioning system and permissions model to audit the version history, restrict access and roll back changes at any time.

Folder Structure

When adding Team Forms to a new team it will create its own Document library called Team Forms. This Document Library will be used to store all the information needed to run the app. The information is stored as described below.

  • Form Config - The form config folder contains the form definitions/schemas. These are used by Team Forms to display forms for users. You can modify the permissions to these files to control what forms users will have access to. You can also move the form schema files into folders to better organise them in a way that suites your business.

  • Responses - The responses folder contains a folder for each the responses. Each of the subsequent response folders will contain the raw response data along with a generated PDF and any attachments uploaded to the form.

  • team.config - The team configuration file contains all the configurations associated with your Team Forms instance. It is recommended that you do not modify this file to avoid corrupting your installation.

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