Introducing Team Forms

What makes Team Forms different?

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Team Forms (TF) brings the productivity of digital forms into Microsoft Teams. You can get started anytime by installing Teams Forms into an existing Teams group in our organisation. Access to forms can then be easily managed using your existing teams and SharePoint administrators without the need to manage a separate login or application.

Unlike many other forms solutions on the market, Team Forms talks directly with your Teams SharePoint so that data captured by forms remains in your ownership,never leaving your trusted Microsoft 365 environment. All digital forms, submissions, attachments and generated PDFs are saved as version-controlled files in your team's existing document library. This close integration of Team Forms and SharePoint means your organisation can leverage its existing SharePoint administrators to manage forms.

Key Features

  • Submit forms offline

  • Conditionally hide and show questions

  • Validate responses meet your rules

  • Capture files and images

  • Add repeating tables

  • Trigger Power Automate

  • Automatic PDF generation and Archiving

  • Share forms with users in your team

  • Share forms with external users

  • Integrate with SharePoint Lists

  • Integrate with SharePoint files (csv, json and excel)

  • Version History for all submissions

  • Single Sign on

  • Unlimited forms

  • Unlimited users

  • Mark up images

  • Trigger custom Javascript code

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