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I can’t publish my form

Let’s explore some common reasons why you cannot publish your form

Updated over a week ago

If you are experiencing issues publishing your form this guide will step you though common issues to help you get your form published!

  1. You do not have edit permission to the Team Forms document library

    All forms built in Team Forms are securely stored as files in your Teams SharePoint site in a document library/folder located at “Team Forms/Form Config”. If you are experiencing issues publishing your form you may not have permission to edit/create files located in this directory. Please contact the owner of your site to request write access to this directory

  2. Your Teams Group has been deleted

    Sometimes another owner of the team used to host your forms deletes the entire team. When this happens this is prevent any forms from being published as the document library used to store Team Forms information no longer exists.

  3. Your form does not contain a submit button

    If your form does not contain a submit button you will see an error icon preventing you from publishing. To resolve this issue you can restore the submit button by following this guide.

  4. Your form is corrupt

    In some rare circumstance your form template could be corrupted. This usually will happen if you modify the source code of your form directly instead of using the drag and drop form builder. If this happens you may find that your form will not publish and you may see an error in your form like “component unknown”.

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