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Troubleshooting Sync Issues
Troubleshooting Sync Issues
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Team Forms works offline and synchronises forms and submission data to your Teams SharePoint site when it has network connectivity. This process should work smoothly without the user needing to understand the underlying sync process, however in rare circumstance the sync may experience issues. This article will outline trouble shooting steps to follow if you do experience any sync errors.

Error Syncing response. Access Denied

Since Team Forms uploads responses to your teams SharePoint on behalf of the logged in user, this means the logged in users needs to have permissions to create and edit files in your SharePoint site. If you receive the "Access Denied" error this typically means the logged in user does not have edit permissions to the Team Forms document library. You can check this by following the steps below:

  1. Open the SharePoint site for your team

  2. Navigate to Site Contents/Team Forms

  3. Right click of the Responses Document library and confirm that the users experiencing the error has edit permission. This permission is typically granted by having membership to a group.

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