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Team Settings

Lets explore how you can access the team settings

Updated over a week ago

Team settings allows you to perform a number of administrative tasks like managing your subscription, assigning roles or launching the SharePoint site hosting your data. How you access team settings will vary depending on weather Team Forms is running as a channel tab or standalone (e.g. browser or personal app). This article will outline the two methods.

Channel App

To access the team settings in a channel tab simply:

  1. Open Team Forms Channel App

  2. Hover over the channel tab. A drop down arrow will appear

  3. Click the arrow to show a context menu. Click Settings in the context menu

Browser and Personal App

To access the team settings in a browser or personal context follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Hover over the team you want to manage. A "..." icon will appear

  2. Click the "..." icon to expand the menu

  3. Click "Team Settings"

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