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Getting started with data sources
Getting started with data sources

Datasources is a powerful feature in Team Forms that lets you pull data from SharePoint files and lists with no code!

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Datasources are used in forms to reference information that is available from external sources like SharePoint lists and SharePoint documents (e.g. excel online, csv or json files). Form authors can set up a data source with a few simple clicks and Team Forms will ensure that data is available offline and kept up to date with changes to the underlining list/file. This process is similar to how OneDrive may automatically sync files locally and keep those files up to date with live changes. Once set up, multiple forms can reference the data source to pre-populate fields like drop-down menus or tables.

Creating a Data Souce

To get started you will first need to create a new data source for your team. In this example, we will create a data source based on a SharePoint list and use that list to populate options in a dropdown menu.

  1. Navigate to the team using the sidebar and select datasource from the options menu

  2. A popup will appear. Select the SharePoint site/team and list you want to use as the underlining dataset and press ok

  3. You have now created your first data source that can now be used in forms. From here Team Forms will ensure that the data is kept up to date and available offline.

Referencing data sources in forms

Multiple forms can now reference the data source to populate fields like drop-down menus. This can be achieved with the following steps:

  1. Start by creating or editing a form

  2. Drag and drop a SharePoint Datasource component into your form

  3. Navigate to the data tab and select the data source you set up earlier and choose the column/field you wish to display in the dropdown menu.

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