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Organization-wide consent for Team Forms
Organization-wide consent for Team Forms

Tired of new users having to grant consent? Lets explore how an organisation administrator can consent for all users in your organisation.

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Team Forms employs OpenID Connect to seamlessly request permissions on the user's behalf. These permissions encompass the most minimal access necessary for reading and writing data to your organization's SharePoint, facilitating the storage of form data. In more extensive deployments, there may be a preference for simplifying the user login process by eliminating the requirement for individual user consent.

This process can only be undertaken by an organisational administrator in Microsoft Entra

As an organisational administrator you can grant consent for all users by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Open Microsoft Teams Admin Center using the link below:
    โ€‹Manage apps - Microsoft Teams admin center

  2. Search for and click on the Team Forms application

  3. Navigate to the Permissions tab

  4. Scroll down to Org-wide Permissions and click Review Permissions and consent

    Consent Team Forms organisation wide
  5. A popup will appear show all permissions and a button to accept

  6. Once you click accept, all users in your organization no longer need to grant consent individually

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