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Team Forms vs Microsoft Forms
Team Forms vs Microsoft Forms

let's explore the differences between the two products :)

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Microsoft Forms is a great tool for simple forms like employee surveys and questionaries. Unfortunately, it can be very limiting if you need to build more sophisticated business forms or business critical systems. This is where Team Forms excels by providing a Form tool that is simple to use yet capable of handling the most complex data capture requirements. This article aims to outline the differences between the two products to help you make an informed decision on which tool to use for the specific job.


Team Forms

Microsoft Forms

Anonymous Forms

Power Automate Integration

Multi-page Forms

Offline Forms

Simple Branching

Complex Branching

PDF Generation of form response

Version History

User component

Business to Business Forms (External Guests)

SharePoint Datasource

Anonymous File Uploads

Email Notifications

Supports custom code if needed

Repeating Grids


Image Markup

Calculated Fields

Custom CSS styling

Role based access control for forms

Multi-step Forms

Cascading dropdowns

Users can view and update responses

Pre-filled URLs for forms


In general Microsoft Forms is better suited for simple employee surveys however for anything requiring more complexity or business critical (e.g. Timesheets, expense claims, inspections, safety compliance forms etc.) Team Forms is generally a better choice.

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