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Prevent Power Automate triggering from response edits
Prevent Power Automate triggering from response edits

Lets explore how you can differentiate between submissions and re-submissions in Power Automate

Updated over a week ago

Integrating your team's forms with Power Automate can unlock a significant potential for automating processes triggered by form submissions. However, there are instances where it's beneficial to run a workflow solely on the initial form submission, excluding subsequent edits or resubmissions to the original response.

To do this you can use the Trigger Type field provided within Power Automate to differentiate between submissions and re-submissions. It is recommended that you use this trigger in a condition block to handle the different scenarios as shown below.

The Trigger Type field can have the value submit or resubmit

Coming Soon

Please be aware that the recommended approach for distinguishing between initial submissions and edits is evolving. In our late 2023 release, Team Forms will introduce an enhanced option within the "When a form response is submitted" trigger, allowing you to easily filter for both submissions and re-submissions. A preview of this additional functionality is provided below.

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