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What is considered a user for licensing
What is considered a user for licensing

Lets explore how users are counted for licensing purposes

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Team Forms offers various paid plans with different number of user and submission limits. This allows organisations to scale the plan to fit their needs and not pay for what they don't need. In this article we cover what is considered a user for licensing purposes. the rules below are used to evaluate the user count.

  • All members within your Microsoft Teams group, including external guests, who have accessed Team Forms within the month, are considered part of the user limit, irrespective of their form submission or creation activities.

  • Even if a user is removed from the team during the month, their access to Team Forms will still count towards the total user count for that period.

  • Users who access Team Forms form a public unauthenticated URL are not counted as users for licensing purposes.

You can check how may users you have in your team by following the steps outlined below.

Web or Personal App

  1. Within Team Forms hover over the teams group to reveal the "..." icon and click it to revel the context menu

  2. Click the "Users option" to show the list of users.

Channel App

If accessing Team Forms from a channel app the steps to view the users is slightly different.

  1. Open Team Forms channel app

  2. Click the arrow icon on the tab to revel a context menu

  3. Select "Settings" then click the "Users" tab

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