Kiosk Mode

Lets see how you use kiosk mode for shared devices.

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Kiosk mode is a premium feature which allows you to lock Team Forms to a single team and makes the user experience suitable for public and shared devices.

Enabling Kiosk Mode

To enable kiosk mode, you first need a premium subscription. Next navigate to the team you wish to kiosk and follow the steps below:

  1. Over over the team and click the "..." > Team Settings

  2. In the settings dialogue click the storage tab and then enable kiosk mode

Exiting Kiosk Mode

By design, exiting out of Kiosk Mode is made difficult to prevent public users from accessing functionality that should be reserved for authenticated users. The easiest method to exit kiosk mode is to clear the application data using your browsers in-built developer tools.

  1. Launch the browsers developer tool by navigating to "..." > More Tools > Developer Tools

  2. Next navigate to the application tab then to Storage

  3. Finally click "Clear site data" and refresh you browser. You will now be exited form kiosk mode

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