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Do you support other languages?
Do you support other languages?

Let's explore how you can support different languages

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Team Forms natively supports English, however, this does not mean you cannot use other languages when building your forms. However, there are some considerations needed when building forms in non-English which are discussed in this article.

Api Property Name

When creating a field you can use non-English characters in the label, however, Team Forms will automatically generate an API property for based on the label to store the data and use with PowerAutomate. This API property cannot contain any special characters so you will need to manually update it demonstrated below.

Special Characters in Generated PDF

By default, special characters are not supported in the PDF generated by Team Forms. You can add support for your language-specific character set using the PDF customization option. This is demonstrated below.

Automatic Browser Translation

Team Forms can run on any modern web browser like google chrome. This mean you can leverage common language translation plugins in the browser to automatically update the language to match your end users. Simply build your forms in English and let the browser handle the rest!

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