Version History

Lets explore how version history works within Team Forms and show how you could roll back a published form

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All form templates and responses created in Team Forms are subject to version control through SharePoint's built-in version history functionality. The management of version history and retention policies is managed by Microsoft and configured by your organization's IT department. This enables you to leverage SharePoint's version history to revert a form to a prior state at any given time or to conduct an audit of changes made. This article will guide you through the process of utilizing SharePoint's version history to roll back a published form to a previous iteration.

Form templates (along with responses) are stored as files in SharePoint. To initiate a rollback or examine the version history of a particular form or response:

  1. Open the SharePoint site for your team. If you do not know how to find this you can access by opening the team settings in Team Forms -> Storage -> Open Share Point Drive

  2. Located the folder containing your form template. This will be located in Team Forms -> Form Config -> Form Name

  3. Inside the folder right click on the form.published.json file and click "Version History". This will open a dialogue showing all changes to that file. Notice how the comment you entered when publishing a form appears next to the version history.

  4. Hover over the version you wish to revert to, this will reveal a drop down menu where you can click restore.

  5. Navigate back to Team Forms and wait a few seconds for it to download the restored version of your form

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