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Restrict access to forms within a team
Restrict access to forms within a team

Lets explore how to control who sees your forms

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The recommended way to control access to forms is by using different teams or channels. Forms built within a team are only accessible to users of that team. Additionally, forms within a team can also be assigned to different channels to control the visibility of the form. This means that users accessing Team Forms via a channels tab will only see the forms assigned to that specific channel.

All forms and submissions are stored as files within your team's SharePoint site. This means that permission/access to individual forms and their responses can be controlled using standard SharePoint document permissions. SharePoints document permissions are enterprise-grade and highly configurable, allowing you to build out complex permissions models to suit your organisation's requirements. Please refer to the official Microsoft documentation for more in-depth detail on what is possible.

Restrict access to forms within a team

The recommended way to control access to forms is using teams and channels however in some circumstances it may be desirable to control what forms people see within a team. The example below shows how to limit access to specific forms within a team to a group of users (e.g. managers).

  1. Open the SharePoint site for the team containing your forms.

  2. First, we will set up a special group in SharePoint for the people who will be allowed to access these forms. We can do this by navigating to Site Permissions → Advanced Permissions.

  3. Now select "Create Group" and name it "Managers" and assign this group the "Design - Can view, add, update, delete, approve, and customize" permission level. Finally, Press Create.

  4. Now add users to the group who require access to the management forms

  5. Next open Site contents → Team Forms → Form Config. This is the document library containing all the Forms.

  6. Locate the folder for the form you want to restrict access to. Click the three dots icon and Manage Access → Advanced.

  7. Click "Stop Inheriting Permission" and remove edit access from all other groups except Owners and Managers.

Congratulations! Only specific managers can now see and access that form. You can also move multiple forms into a folder and use the method described above to control access to all forms in that folder.

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