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Generate a PDF of your submission
Generate a PDF of your submission

Team Forms will automatically generate a PDF for all form submissions and archive this in your Teams SharePoint document library.

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Upon submission of a form response, Team Forms seamlessly generates a read-only PDF version of the response and securely stores it in your team's SharePoint document library. The PDF tab allows for a preview of the final document and the ability to tailor the formatting to align with your company's branding and existing document templates.

PDF Preview Tab

PDF Customization

You can apply your own branding and styling to this PDF document using the PDF Tab in the form builder screen. To modify the default template click the settings icon located in the top left-hand corner of the PDF preview.

In the settings dialogue, you have options to modify every aspect of the PDF including:

  • Page orientation

  • Page margins

  • Document scale

  • Page headers

  • Page footers

PDF Template

The header and footer of the PDF document can be modified by providing an HTML template for the different sections (e.g. left header and middle footer). The template can contain any valid HTML elements and can even include dynamic content like page numbers and form response fields using the handlebars templating syntax. The table below contains special variables that are available to include in your PDF template.


Variable / Function

Current Page Number


Total Pages


Form Title


Submission Id




Response Data


User object for the initial responder


Name of the initial responder

Email of the initial responder

Timestamp of the submission


πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» You can also use javascript inside your PDF template. We have provided MomentJs and lodash utility libraries for convenience.

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