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Run outside of Microsoft Teams
Run outside of Microsoft Teams

Team Forms can run anywhere from the browser, mobile or Microsoft 365. Let's explore how to run Team Forms in the browser or on mobile

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Running in browser

Team Forms can run outside of Microsoft Teams. To open Team Forms inside a web browser simply navigate to or click on the link below.


To install Team Forms as a PWA on mobile, navigate to in your preferred browser. Click settings and "Install App". For more details instructions on installing progressive web apps on Android and IOS please refer to this article.


Team Forms can be installed as an application on Desktop and mobile in the form of a progressive web app (PWA). To install the app on a desktop simply open Team Forms in your preferred web browser by:

  1. Navigate to (In this guide we will focus on Google Chrome).

  2. Install the app using the installation button located in the address bar, this will install Team Forms as an app and appear on your desktop.

Installation GIF
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