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Using roles to restrict who can build and edit forms
Using roles to restrict who can build and edit forms

Don't want anyone to build and edit forms? We got you covered.

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Roles enable team owners to manage permissions for actions such as creating and editing forms. There are three available roles, each with different capabilities as outlined in the table below:





Create / Update / Delete Forms

Create / Update / Delete Data Sources

Preview Draft Forms Before Publishing

Can Respond to Forms

Team owners can customize roles by accessing the team settings window and navigating to the permissions tab, as illustrated below. You can set a default role for all team member or user specific roles that overwrite the default. Please note that roles are applied only at the user interface, it is a good idea to also enforce permissions within SharePoint which in a production setting.

Accessing team setting may look different if you have installed Team Forms as a channel app. Please refer to Team Settings guide.

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