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Why am I not receiving submission email?
Why am I not receiving submission email?

Lets explore why you might not be receiving the submission email notifications even when it has been configured.

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Team Forms will allow you to automatically send email notifications when a form is submitted or edited. This email is great for keeping a email record of important submissions however sometimes emails may fail to send. This article will outline the common reasons why an email may not appear in your inbox:

Check your spam folder

It is common for submission emails to be automatically flagged as spam by email providers. You will need to navigate to your spam/jump folder and mark the email as "not junk" or add to you list of trusted senders.

Check email settings in Team Forms

If your email is malformed or contains errors the email notifications will fail to send. Navigate to the email tab for the form and check if there is a red border around any sections to indicate an error. After you fix the email settings the email notifications will now work.

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